happy glasses

Last year, no holidays, new year’s Day mid autumn catch catch on duty, work overtime, three eight no qualifications, Valentine’s Day is not too. Must this year, just tomorrow is Children’s Day, just over six one, children to school can not give him the feast, he went out to play.
In terms of myself I never drag, immediately to the cool ant banquet Chen to the phone, ask every day just to go to Laiwu for leisure travel, I what also didn’t want to name the newspaper.
Six one one starting early in the morning, it is my mind, more than 30 people have nine kids. A feast I know today is the main leisure, barbecue, cool ants furnace and the carbon seasoning.
I took two sheet cake morning roll potato silk, Yan Chen said follow me, I bought beef. I not want to go, give him trouble, a little feel shy.
Our destination is the snow small Three Gorges, can turn a circle around the lake, spring is the activity, have a look the scenery keep an eye. Although the Three Gorges next turn, but the mind that people suddenly have a brain wave in the mountain, a dam, the formation of dead lake.
Not only has the regret of heart, on what it should write at home, at noon in the sneak out to find a few evil associates drink, in the confused for a nap.
Along the path along the cliff around it, the spring hill a little boring, no flowers, no high Mao rattan trees, everything is not high. The scenery along the way, can only say that the nature is beautiful, but to walk the mountain Ming Chuan old tour pal is a little pale into insignificance by comparison to feel.
Along the way scenery also transform, the campaign did not see the ingenuity and unique, and friends turned down for 2 hours.
Back to the starting point, Yan Chen busy barbecue, told me to hurry to help meat string, I agreed with, or feel shy to eat people, did not know that they had enough to eat, my appetite is relatively large, or I will go to the mountain to sit down for a while, to buy some beer.
Yan Chen still call me, let the speaker, meat string. Don’t put yourself when a stranger they don’t treat yourself as an outsider. I change my clothes came to meat string.
I eat a lot of meat, but the first time personally to string, I thought I clumsy-handed stem not fast, but also very quick dry for a while than they slow.
Yan Chen this is already the grilled meat skewer, told us to taste, I tasted one, no Jinling roast. How to say this meat roast is sweet.
While my eyes in sweat, eye pain, quickly pick the eyes eye, remove eye found outside the sun not poison. I get a wear sunglasses, feel it is dazzling, did not think of to remove sunglasses, eyes bright, distant mountains are not the same, the tender green color, very beautiful.
I quiet side edge to put on glasses, why I just with a pick, unexpectedly two senses.
Recalling the small Three Gorges is small or the Three Gorges charm, too – there is no problem; spring is not brilliant scene but still can not stop, to the popular trend, as has his own characteristics; and the meat although no professional roast taste good, but this is to buy their own meat, no meat tenderizer, also is not afraid of is the fox, not afraid of is duck meat, eat. What thing to see the good side, don’t like to wear glasses look like what is not solid, the mood will be better.
If I face problems, and not everyone stand together, there can be no joy. There are those I look fine. This is the mood, as long as willing to happiness is a source of.
Life is not a mystery on their own feelings, to which direction to get the direction of the return. Happiness is always around you if you like, not for the mood around, took off her dark glasses is happy.
I rushed the feast his shouting: you for six one, long and Nezha like.